Apple Cider Vinegar Toenail Fungus

Cracked and yellowish toenails are telltale signs that you have a fungal infection. Thickened and discolored nails can be very unpleasant to look at. If you leave them untreated, it can become more painful. It can also increase your risk of contracting similar infections all over your body. Good thing you can treat the condition by yourself by using apple cider vinegar toenail fungus soak.

Why use apple cider vinegar for toenail infection

Along with other ingredients such as white vinegar, Listerine, garlic, and baking soda, apple cider is also seen as an effective treatment for toenail fungal infection. Because of its various potent ingredients, it can help kill the fungus up to the roots to prevent it from coming back or growing on other parts of the body.

  1. It is acidic. Fungi thrive in areas such as the toenails because of the present moisture and the alkaline nature of the nail bed. If you have a buildup of dirt under your nails and your feet constantly get wet, then it is natural for toenail fungus to proliferate and infect your toes. With the acidic pH of the apple cider vinegar, you can restore the neutral pH of the nail bed, preventing the fungus to grow.
  2. It is antiseptic. Apple cider vinegar is effective in disinfecting wounds. As such, it can help you avoid bacterial infection, a common complication of the toenail infection. The high level of acetic acid in apple cider will help prevent bacteria from proliferating around the area of your infected toe.
  3. It contains malic acid. Malic acid is found in many kinds of fruits such as apple, the key ingredient used to make apple cider vinegar. This type of acid primarily functions in promoting quick and efficient conversion of carbohydrate molecules into units of energy, but it is also used to decrease bacterial, fungal and viral growth and increase exfoliation of dead cells.

How to make the apple cider vinegar foot soak

In a small tub or a large bowl, mix equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar. Make sure that the resulting solution is enough to soak the infected toes. Soak your feet in the solution for not more than 30 minutes. After the treatment, make sure that you wipe your feet dry, especially between the spaces of each two. Repeat this process every day until you toenails are fully healed.

Other ways of using apple cider vinegar to treat the infection

You can directly apply apple cider vinegar on the infected nail. You can use a Q-tip to spread the vinegar evenly of the affected area or use a dropper or a dropper bottle to apply the solution directly on the nail. The vinegar may sting at first. If you can’t withstand the effects, you can dilute the solution according to your preference.

Another way you can use this natural ingredient is by orally consuming it. You should mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 16 oz of water. You can add a teaspoon of manuka honey to improve the taste. Apart from treating the infection, this solution is also claimed to boost the body’s immune system.