Silence Complete Review (Lloyd Greenfield) The Truth Revealed

Tinnitus is not really a disease, but rather a symptom of an underlying condition that when not given immediate and proper attention, can become a cause for some cognitive and brain disorders from developing and inflicting tinnitus sufferers. It is characterized by a ringing, whizzing, buzzing or whistling in the ears that only the person suffering from it can hear. Some may think that it is just a little noise, but it can actually interfere with everyday life. There are different tinnitus treatments and Silence Complete is one of them. It is a supplement taken orally to combat tinnitus as well as promote better ear health.

Silence Complete Overview

Silence Complete is a dietary supplement taken orally daily. This product boasts of all-natural components that are sure to relieve the ringing in the ears and restore ear health back to its top condition. Each of the ingredients have their own benefits and advantages that when pooled together, are very efficient in treating tinnitus. Tinnitus can be very debilitating and painful, besides constantly having to deal with that annoying noise that only the sufferer can hear. Everyday routines are disrupted, making it hard to complete tasks without losing focus and concentration.

Although some people have gotten used to the ringing in their ears and have found ways to manage their tinnitus without treating it, it can still get worse. That is why it is imperative to treat it as soon as the slightest ringing that does not go away is noticed. It is not something to put to the back burner and hope that it goes away on its own, because more likely than not, it will be there to stay unless intervention is done.

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Silence Complete claims to treat tinnitus as early as a week or two of taking the supplement. Instant results are observed by users, and a few more weeks and the tinnitus is completely gone, along with the risk of developing more serious illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. It does not only get rid of tinnitus, but it also provides a host of benefits, such as improved health for the ears, and the prevention of more serious complications.

Information and Claims of Silence Complete

Lloyd Greenfield was the one who developed Silence Complete, along with scientist Dr. Steven Campbell. They were able to come up with an effective solution that will end tinnitus for good. Lloyd greenfield himself suffered from tinnitus, which is why he was determined to formulate a cure for it.

What Silence Complete offers is quick and instant relief from tinnitus and improvement of ear health as well as prevention from brain and cognitive ailments. If the ears are in their optimum condition, the brain will also be in good working condition, as the two organs are closely connected to each other through their functions. The ingredients are all natural and safe, although extreme precautions must still be taken to ensure no adverse reactions occur.

How Does It Work and Ingredients List

The specific area in the ears where tinnitus originated will be targeted by Silence Complete’s potent natural ingredients. Once the pill has broken down, its components will be absorbed in the bloodstream and commence its job of getting rid of tinnitus and enhance the health of the ears. Manufacturers recommend intake of Silence Complete for several weeks. for the product to take full effect. It promises that tinnitus will not longer recur and bother sufferers. It will just become a distant memory, and their everyday life will return back to normal. They can do their tasks without being bothered by annoying ringing and buzzing in the ears.

Silence Complete is composed of these natural and powerful components:

  • Vitamin B12 makes nerve cells stronger.
  • Vitamin C eliminates free radicals that have a negative effect on brain function.
  • Vitamin B6 also makes nerve cells stronger.
  • Niacin fixes damaged nerve cells and DNA in the body.
  • Olive leaf extract is an antioxidant that delays the onset of memory loss and deterioration of brain cells.
  • Garlic extract is a potent antioxidant that prevents the growth of tumors in the brain.
  • Hibiscus has the ability to soothe the nerves that is helpful in preventing anxiety attacks.
  • Hawthorne berry inhibits the onset of panic attacks and maintaining the normal levels of blood pressure.
  • Bachu leaves oxygenates the brain that is crucial in managing blood pressure.
  • Uva ursi helps build neural pathways.
  • Juniper berry enhances different functions of the brain.
  • Green tea flushes out toxins and aid in the repair of neural pathways.

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Is Silence Complete a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Online articles state that Silence Complete may be a scam, as there are similarities between it and Silencis Pro, a similar product that does not deliver on its promise. But still a lot of positive feedbacks can be read online regarding Silence Complete and how effective it is in treating tinnitus.

Based on reviews that can be found on the Internet, Silence Complete has helped a lot of people cure their tinnitus and restore their everyday life without the encumbrance of ringing in the ears.


  • As early as a week or two from taking Silence Complete, positive results can already be noticed.
  • It makes ear health a lot better, which makes it stronger in fighting off infections and diseases.
  • It is easy to take.


  • Results may not be the same for all users of Silence Complete.


How do I use it?

You should take 2 capsules every day for at least a few weeks until no more ringing is felt and heard. Further usage instructions are included in the package.

Any precautions?

Anyone who is allergic to any one of the ingredients must first consult a physician to see if the benefits of taking Silence Complete outweigh the risks.

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How much time to see improvement?

Improvement from tinnitus will depend on the severity of the condition and the diligence in taking Silence Complete as prescribed.

Any Possible Side Effects?

Being made from all-natural ingredients, the product is deemed safe for use.

Silence Complete Price and Where to Buy

Silence Complete can be purchased from this website, but it doesn’t state the price of the product nor the countries where it is available for online purchase.

Silence Complete Final Decision

Overall, Silence Complete is a must-try for those who have been afflicted by tinnitus for a long time and are desperate to find a relief. Prior to purchasing the product, consult with your doctor first if you are allowed to take the product based on your present health condition